Milford Sound and Queenstown

March 14, 2018 – Queenstown, New Zealand


We left Southland and arrived in Te Anau on a beautiful and sunny day that offered stunning views of Lake Te Anau and its surrounding mountains.


The next day we drove up to Milford Sound – a world famous highway that provides frequent stops and great hikes… Not for us though, stopping frequently is not something you want to do with a baby that needs to be taken in and out of his baby capsule every time you stop. We enjoyed the drive anyways (except for the nerve wrecking drive through Homer tunnel that is far away from my understanding of a safe tube).

It was raining and clouds were hanging so low that you could hardly see anything when we arrived in Milford Sound so a cozy afternoon in the camper it was. The next morning the rain had cleared and we went for a cruise through Milford Sound which was great! Waterfalls everywhere (the plus side of the rain the day before) and we even got to see dozens of dolphins, some of them swimming right beside our boat.








We freedom camped at a beautiful spot right at Lake Wakatipu that night and spent the next day strolling through cute little Queenstown.




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