Sydney – Part 2

May 17, 2018 – Sydney, Australia

Sydney - Part 2

That morning we had a picture perfect and mild fall day. We took advantage of this and spent some time at Sydney’s historical „The Rocks“ harbor and neighborhood.

We browsed through the markets, enjoyed the views and the hustle and bustle of this metropolitan city. 

Sydney - Part 2 Sydney - Part 2 Sydney - Part 2 Sydney - Part 2

Our plan was to take the ferry to Manly to see the world famous Manly beach in the afternoon and as the weather looked promising we headed to the harbor. Then it started to rain. Not a little, rather the contrary. We decided to take the ferry anyways (it was Sunday Funday and tickets for public transport were only 2,50$ a person) and just hoped for the weather to clear up a little. Once we reached Manly it was still pouring though. We opted not to go to the beach but went to Aldi instead which was conveniently located right at the port. At least we were able to buy some Manuca honey which we had forgotten in New Zealand (we would only own this for 48 hours but that will be explained later). The next ferry took us back to Sydney and now the waves had really built up and the water was extremely rough. Luckily noone got sick and it was rather fun than scary. 

Sydney - Part 2

The next day was supposed to be a highlight of our trip to Australia and it sure was! We took the bus to Coogee beach to walk all the way along the coastal walkway to famous Bondi Beach. Of course it started to rain shortly after we had started our walk but luckily the weather cleared after that and the sun came out. It was an extraordinary walk and we recommend it to anyone visiting Sydney. This has been one of my personal highlights of our trip. 

Sydney - Part 2 Sydney - Part 2 Sydney - Part 2 Sydney - Part 2 Sydney - Part 2 Sydney - Part 2 Sydney - Part 2 Sydney - Part 2 Sydney - Part 2

On our way back to the hotel the sun was setting and created an imaginary extension of an old building. It looked like there was a highrise building on top of it. A little spooky yet also pretty cool. 

Sydney - Part 2

Sydney – I have lost my heart. You are right up there with my other top three cities (New York, San Francisco and Vancouver). We will return!

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