My name is Levi and I was born in August 2017. My Mama Hannah and Papa Jörgen (who is called Joe in this blog since the German “Umlaut” is a challenge in English) love traveling and they decided that I would too. I like it so far since I enjoy having both of them around which is rarely the case at home. I think they want to teach me about different cultures, people, traditions and languages but I don’t care about either of this. I like it when people smile at me and I usually smile back. To me it doesn’t matter which language they speak or how they look as long as they have a grin on their face. So I guess I have learned the most important lesson already but pshhh don’t tell Mama and Papa, they are determined to still teach me.

My Mama and Papa have taken all pictures you can find on here. Please do not steal them. While both of my parents enjoy photography my Mama has written all the texts you will find on the blog. She is German so don’t be too strict with her English. Thank you for finding us – please enjoy reading about our journey.