May 12, 2018 – Cairns, Australia


We stayed at a campground in Cairns for three nights. The last stop with our camper. We needed that time to explore Cairns and its area and to get at least halfway settled before returning our mobile home.

We drove up to the small hippie town of Kuranda where we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon browsing through the stores and small cafes.

CairnsCairns Cairns

The next day we drove along the coast to Port Douglas – also a nice little town with a huge beach. Again we browsed through the stores and walked along the beach. As usual no swimming up here, crocodiles and stingers may be present at all times. They do have an enclosed area where you could swim in the ocean but first of all it’s not very big and therefore not exactly nice and second of all I simply don’t trust it. I saw big waves crashing over the stinger net all the time so no, thank you. Port Douglas is also a great place to go on a snorkeling tour to see the Great Barrier Reef. Obviously we did not go because of Levi but in case you have older kids this might be an option. 

Cairns Cairns Cairns

After we returned our camper – despite all the troubles we had quite a sad moment since we knew that such a big part of our trip was over – we checked into an apartment in Cairns for two nights. We had booked this accommodation so we would be able to reheat everything just one more time just to be 100% sure that all bedbugs were gone. The apartment turned out to be quite a luxury place, triple the size of our apartment at home. Oh did we enjoy that after having lived in a motorhome for the last 10 weeks. Cairns has a huge lagoon pool that is right by the ocean. We strolled along the promenade and hopped in the pool almost every day. We had dinner outside on the balcony and went through piles of laundry. Our time up in Cairns was both exhausting and fun. 

Cairns Cairns Cairns CairnsCairns

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