New Zealand

April 14, 2018 – Frederickton, Australia


We spent over five weeks in New Zealand and drove 5730km through the country.

We bought nappies (not diapers) and pushed Levi in his pram (not stroller). We have seen the clearest, brightest and starriest skies ever. We have never encountered, let alone driven, on that many unsealed, narrow and winding roads. We did not think that any country would still have that bad of a phone and internet coverage in the year 2018 (but were proven wrong). We learned that most Kiwis love Ed Sheeran and despite their ecological image you get dozens of plastic bags when going to the grocery store. We have never seen that many tourists in any given country and we were surprised that most locals are still sincerely friendly even though they are being overrun by travelers.

New Zealand makes traveling extremely easy. It’s safe and despite what everyone says we did not think that it was overly expensive (except for the camper rental). There are hardly any dangerous animals or insects or whatsoever (except maybe sharks and some rare spiders) and the only thing that really, really! bothered us were the sandflies. The nature is amazing. Lakes, mountains, beaches this country seems to have it all and no matter where you are the ocean is always just around the corner.

Thank you New Zealand for an amazing time. We will be back one day, sliding down the giant Sand Dunes with Levi.



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