The adventure begins

February 23, 2018 – Singapore, Singapore


We packed our backpacks and cleaned up our apartment the entire day. It ended up being quite stressful – just like I expected it to be. In the end we got everything packed though and so far it does not seem as if we forgot anything.

We are traveling with 2 large backpacks and two small carry on backpacks. We also take a stroller and one small carry on suitcase. We are expecting cooler weather in New Zealand and warmer temperatures in Australia and Singapore so we packed a mix of clothes and tons of technical equipment for our camera, GoPro, computer and stuff. We are also bringing along Levi’s carrier and his car seat (since he has his own seat on the plane and we will need it in New Zealand and Australia anyway).

My parents took us to the airport and waved us goodbye at security. This is where our adventure finally started.

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February 8, 2018 – Frankfurt, Germany


We are leaving for our big trip very soon and are more than excited to do so. There are still plenty of things to be done before we can pass our keys to my sister, who will be housesitting our apartment while we are traveling.

The apartment has to be cleaned. Some (more) shopping has to be done. We have to get our Camera and GoPro ready and our memory cards free of the old pictures and videos that are typically stored on them (and from which you never know whether or not you have them saved somewhere already). We have to decide which clothes we take along, wash them and then FINALLY we have to pack our backpacks (which might be the biggest challenge after all), get to the airport, hop on a plane and fly to Singapore where our journey starts.

Before we do all that I’d love to tell you more about our trip around the globe first.

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