Southland and the Catlins

March 12, 2018 – Te Anau, New Zealand

A change of plans brought us all the way down South to the Catlins. It was Joe’s idea to take the longer, scenic route instead of just driving to Te Anau from Dunedin directly and was that ever a good thought! We experienced New Zealand just like one imagines it. Lush, green hills and valleys with thousands of peacefully  grazing sheep. Steep cliffs and rough, impressive beaches. An incredible nature and other than that nothing much. Not even cell phone coverage or internet in many parts (and here is the reason why I didn’t post anything for days).

Since Southland’s climate is described as wet and cold I was surprised to find so many palm trees down here. Driving through Invercargill in fact almost felt like driving through Southern California. Luckily we also had Southern California weather that added to the beauty of this part of New Zealand (which can easily be considered the end of the world).








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