Our first days in Australia (Sydney to Port Macquarie)

April 15, 2018 – Port Macquarie, Australia


We arrived in Sydney after a short three hour flight, checked into our hotel at the airport and then went to see the Opera House (because honestly isn’t that what everybody connects with Australia?). It was warm and sunny and just perfect.



The next morning we picked up our camper – again they had to fix some stuff prior to us leaving (something we expected after our experience in New Zealand)… While waiting we met another German family that was just returning their camper and they gave us their high chair for Levi to sit in so at least the wait was worth it in the end.

Our first trip led us to the Blue Mountains where we did the highly recommended Grand Canyon Walk. Be aware of sore legs though since you have to climb up and down hundreds of stairs.



We stopped near Port Stephens for one night to see wild Koalas on the Tilligery Peninsula and we were successful! One Koala was sitting in a tree right by the walkway. I’ve never seen such a cute animal. It’s basically a huge, fluffy ball of fur hugging a tree.

In Port Macquarie we hiked along the Coastal Walk to see the lighthouse and beautiful beaches.









In between all of that we saw a kangaroo and a redback spider. We had a firefighter change our gas bottle (no worries, we were not in danger!) and another camper bumped into our car (while we were parked, so again we were not in danger!) after forgetting to  pull the parking brake. No, it’s not getting boring down here.



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