Our last days in New Zealand

April 8, 2018 – Sydney, Australia


Once we got to Auckland we decided to stay at that very same freedom camping spot we had stayed at a couple of days before. The ferry to Auckland left right from the lot where we parked with our camper which made it the ideal spot.

The ferry ride took fifty minutes each way and offered great views of Auckland and its surrounding islands. We wandered through the city for one and a half days. Stopped at parks, fancy neighborhoods and ate ice cream. Levi crawled through the green grass and got his feet dirty for the first time. It was a splendid time for all of us.






Our last day in New Zealand we spent packing our backpacks, trying not to forget anything in one of the many drawers and corners of the campervan. We sadly returned our camper that led us safely through the country for the last five weeks and checked in at our airport hotel. Next Levi took a bubble bath and both of us a long, long shower – some things you don’t miss until you have them back I guess.


We flew to Sydney the next morning at 9am (tried to catch the 7am flight but couldn’t get on since it was full). A three hour flight now feels like nothing for us, after all of these long haul trips, and flying with Levi is super easy anyways.

New Zealand you’ve been good! Conclusion post will follow soon.

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