The Coromandel Peninsula

March 29, 2018 – Kuaotunu, New Zealand


One more thing that had not been on our schedule initially was the Coromandel Peninsula. Yet with some extra time on the North Island we got the chance to also visit this beautiful part of New Zealand.

We walked along the beach in Whangamata (where we got soaked during a sudden rain shower) and Levi played with another baby from Germany on the playground. I even got the chance to go for a run along the beach after sunset.


We drove up the coast with narrow streets and sharp curves and almost burned our feet at Hot Water Beach (where you dig a hole in sand and hot water comes up from beneath the surface). Later we hiked to Cathedral Cove with beautiful views of Hahei Beach and the Pacific Ocean.






Once again we found a free camping spot by the water where we had our breakfast with a stunning view of the ocean the next morning.



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