Goodbye South Island (Abel Tasman NP, Nelson and Picton)

March 22, 2018 – Wellington, New Zealand


We took a day to just drive from the west to the east coast. We had planned to stop in between initially but everything was running so smoothly on that day that we just continued driving.

Once we got to Marahau the next day, we hiked all the way to Anchorage (not the one in Alaska obviously). This 12km hike is part of the 60km long Abel Tasman Track. We stopped at beautiful beaches that looked just like in the Caribbean somewhere and walked through a lush rainforest. The return trip to Marahau was a fast ride with a water taxi with Levi wearing an adorable bright orange life jacket.




The next two days we spent just strolling through Nelson and Picton. The weather was perfect and it was just so relaxing to have Levi play in the grass while we were sitting next to him with a bowl of ice cream. In Picton they had a huge splash area at the playground and Levi just ‘jumped’ right into it. So did I – one of the many fun things you get to do as a mama!



The next day we took the ferry to cross the Cook Strait. It was a rainy and windy day so unfortunately we neither got to see a lot of Marlborough Sounds nor was the crossing particularly funny. Waves were quite high and the vessel was rolling a lot. We were happy once we reached Wellington (in the pouring rain) and had solid ground underneath our feet. Levi didn’t mind the shaking at all by the way, he just slept through almost the entire trip.


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