Leaving Singapore and Kia Ora

March 2, 2018 – Christchurch, New Zealand


I never thought I would be saying this but leaving Singapore really made us sad. We loved our time here, everything about it and maybe it is just as Joe said the other day „Once it started you know it is passing“.

Our flight did not leave until the evening so after our daily breakfast outside we walked along Orchard Road a little and spent some more time at the pool before we took the metro to the airport.

We flew from Singapore to Brisbane, Australia where we only had one and a half hours to catch our flight to New Zealand. Since we are flying on standby we had to recheck our luggage and go through customs and immigration in Brisbane. With some other problems occurring it took forever and it was only due to the great Qantas ground staff crew, who were incredibly helpful, that we made it to gate 86 where we were the last ones to board the flight to Christchurch.

I think Levi was the only one of us who could sleep during the flights so we arrived in New Zealand pretty tired but with a great view from the plane while approaching Christchurch. This time we treated ourselves with a super shuttle that took us right to the hotel. In the meantime it was early afternoon already and we did nothing but doing laundry, eating and sleeping.

The next day we walked around Christchurch which is still a huge construction site in many parts of the city. Other parts have been nicely rebuilt and we drank some delicious, fair trade coffee and had some ice cream on Regent Street before taking a stroll through the Botanical Garden and back to the hotel. It seems awfully funny to see all the fall colors here in New Zealand. Didn’t we just do fall a little over three months ago?









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