A journey through Asia and meeting monkeys

February 28, 2018 – Singapore, Singapore


Today we visited both India and China. Singapore’s little India is a very authentic experience. Strolling through the streets you really do feel as if you were in India (except for the fact that it is not quite as crowded neither is the traffic as bad). Different smells coming from the many restaurants that serve Indian dishes and colorful buildings complete this part of the city.

We went to see Chinatown right after we did Little India – again a genuine place. In the midst of this crowded, hot and impressive day we also decided to convert Levi’s stroller (or pram as they say here) to a more breathable and UV safe version. Don’t ask why we didn’t do this at home…

In the late afternoon when the clouds were moving away and the sun was at its best (which is rare in Singapore) we went to the Gardens by the Bay. It was simply gorgeous. The lush green trees and the sun that was slowly setting made it a magical end of the day.

When we were riding the metro back to the hotel we ran into one of Joe’s colleagues from work in the metro station elevators. He was traveling home from Indonesia with his family. What a crazy coincidence! None of them knew that the other one was in Singapore at that time. The world really is that small at times.








On Tuesday we made a trip to the Mac Ritchie Park where we hiked the TreeTop Walk – this time we did not bring a stroller which was a wise decision! There are several hikes that you can choose from with the TreeTop Walk being one of the most popular. The entire hike we did was about 9km long but one can easily do more or less. We crossed a free-standing suspension bridge that was high up in the middle of the jungle and saw monkeys jumping from one tree to the other. These monkeys are behind all types of plastic bags so be warned not to carry any kind of those inside the park. We saw someone being almost attacked by a monkey because he had a package of wet wipes on the side pouch of his backpack. After a short fight the monkey grabbed the wipes and pulled them our of their packaging – one by one. On our way out I almost stumbled over a giant lizard that was all of a sudden crawling out of the bushes. I hopped back in shock and we got a chance to snap a quick picture before it disappeared underneath a bush again.

For dinner we went to the famous Lau Pa Sat market where we enjoyed delicious Indian food. Levi was a little grumpy but only until someone came who was joking with him so that we could all eat our dinner peacefully. Something that has happened to us a few times here in Singapore.

At night we went to see the Laser and Water Show at Marina Bay Sands from the other side of the Bay. We sat on our blanket, had a piece of cake for dessert and enjoyed the view.







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